sabato 24 maggio 2014



Daniel Mabsout

Quindi , gli israeliani raccolgono le loro cose e abbandonano, dopo tanto infinito tempo  di occupazione, in silenzio all'alba .

Si sono ritirati da tutte le loro posizioni in gran fretta lasciando molte delle loro cose dietro a se, e ora sono visualizzati nel museo della Resistenza e nei luoghi pubblici .

In ogni città, e città che hanno evacuato son presto riempite  da persone che tornano , da libanesi di ritorno ai propri villaggi e città, alla loro terra dopo più di 18 lunghi anni  , naturalmente , facilmente , scivolano nei loro luoghi , alle loro case, in un viaggio di ritorno splendidamente orchestrata dalla dirigenza dalla Resistenza e dai combattenti per la libertà .

Tutto era al suo posto giusto in poco tempo , in un solo giorno . Era come se 18 anni di occupazione scomparissero improvvisamente .

Immaginate un po ' cosa potrebbe accadere se la Palestina dovesse essere recuperata in questo modo .

Immaginate che questo accada a  Jalil , immaginate questo accada anche ad 'Akká e Haifa e Yaffa e al Qods e in tutta la Palestina .

Immaginate cheloro - gli israeliani - si ritirino in gran fretta da questi luoghi uno dopo l'altro .

Immaginate noi Palestinesi a tornare ai nostri villaggi e città recuperando le nostre case una dopo l'altra .

Immaginate che questo possa accadere ed è accaduto e accadrà.

Provate a immaginare ...

non c'è niente che tale resistenza non possa fare ......

In the 14th anniversary of the Liberation of Lebanon , the victory has not faded away , nor decreased in intensity or importance . On the contrary, the passing of time has added more to the luster of such victory, and the passing of time has proved that the armed Resistance was not the only choice but the right choice- as well- to deal with the occupier; the right choice for all oppressed people to whatever country or religion they belong.

As time passes , the importance of such victory is being recognized and consecrated world wide . For Arabs, for Muslims, for freedom fighters around the world , for those who seek justice and freedom , for those who seek truth , there is nothing like this victory which came to crown years of sacrifice and hard work and commitment .

Before taking place on the battlefield, it is in the hearts and minds of the freedom fighters that this victory happened ; in the hearts and minds of those who had to deal with every kind of weakness and fear and hesitation and doubt, thus clearing and purifying their whole being .

For this reason , it is in the hearts and the minds of the freedom fighters that the victory was first won , it was in their inner selves that the enemy was first defeated . Therefore, this was not any kind of victory between two enemies fighting one another. This was not the outcome of an ordinary battle between two armies. This was the result of an intense spiritual and mental endeavor that preceded all and prepared the ground for everything to come .

For this reason, and because this victory was the victory of man over himself , this victory was not a worldly one . For this reason, this Resistance is not a worldly Resistance and for this reason it can never be defeated and will never be defeated . The enemy has no weapons to fight this Resistance with , nor it can develop any weapon that can defeat it .

The Mirkavas that are the pride of the enemy could not pass the test. They became bundles of burned metal . The Israelis could not wait to leave , Their army commander said that the whole edifice of the occupation was crumbling like a card castle and that the Israeli army had to leave before anything drastic happens that will be irremediable .

So, the Israelis packed and left silently at dawn . They withdrew from all their positions in great haste leaving many of their things behind that are now displayed in the Resistance museum and in the public places . Every town and city they evacuated was soon filled with the returning people , with the Lebanese returning to their villages and towns to their land after more than 18 years and who, naturally, easily, slipped in their own places, back to their homes, in the journey of return beautifully orchestrated by the leadership of the Resistance and the freedom fighters. Everything was back to its right place in no time , in one day . It was as if the 18 years of occupation vanished suddenly .

Imagine a little bit what could happen if Palestine were to be retrieved this way . Imagine this happening to al Jaleel, imagine this happening to 'Akka and Haifa and Yaffa and al Qods and all Palestine . Imagine them - the Israelis - withdrawing in great haste from these places one after the other. Imagine the Palestinians coming back to their villages and towns retrieving their homes one after the other . Imagine that this could happen and has happened and will happen . Just imagine ...there is nothing that such Resistance cannot do...

We salute the Freedom Fighters on this occasion, and the Martyrs Heroes . We salute the determined Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah with unflinching faith and with his mind set on the next victory to come . We salute this incomparable victory over the oppressor that brought dignity and integrity to the Lebanese and hope and truth to each and everyone . God bless our Resistance and our Leader . Blessed is this Resistance and its Leader!

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